Welcome to the City of Launceston Open Data Portal

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Launceston City Council is excited to offer this new Open Data Site, intended to easily provide spatial data for public use. This page is for users of GIS or AutoCAD software, CAD users can either download data or consume our map web services directly in your applications.

Whether it's businesses, governments, nonprofits, neighborhood groups, or even individual residents, everyone creates an enormous amount of data. At Launceston City Council, we bring spatial data together in one place, organize them, keep them updated, and make public data available to all stakeholders.

Our mission is to make high-quality information and analysis accessible in order to drive informed decision-making.

For GIS users our map services can be viewed directly in your applications (ArcGIS REST Map and Feature Services, WMS, WFS, GeoJSON and KML). Please note some of these services are only available between 7.10am and 10.55pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

For more information please call the Council's Spatial Sciences Department on 03 6323 3230.

Detailed Survey Layers

The purpose of the layers in this category are to give a general indication of the built environment within the urban areas of the Launceston municipality.

The data has been compiled over a number of years from digitised 1:500 Detail Survey sheets and subsequent field survey work and aerial photography.

Infrastructure Layers

Browse for Infrastructure layers held by Launceston City Council. Launceston City Council maintain services including: Water, Stormwater, Sewer, and Information Technology.